About MillerTech

Established in 1984, MillerTech has over 30 years of experience providing powerful, flexible and comprehensive software solutions to the membership marketplace. MillerTech was formed specifically to develop and market contact management solutions for organisations in the NFP Sector. We provided our first system to a prominent membership organisation in central London in our start up year and are very proud they are still a customer today. Since then we have implemented solutions for over 150 NFP organisations including charities, associations, trades unions, fundraisers and healthcare providers. Our clients range in size from hundreds of members up to millions, with users ranging from a few to thousands.

As a company we are committed to the continual, creative development of our products. This comes not only from the ideas of our users, but also from our own very experienced and talented team who have been with us for many years. MillerTech has a rich history of delivering successful innovative solutions, coupled with exceptional service and support. We implement and provide support for all the systems we are involved with and never have the need to use contractors. Every one of our 60 staff fulfil Project Management, Analytical, Development, Support and Training roles – all directed towards the NFP Sector.




MillerTech is part of ClearCourse Partnership, a group of innovative technology companies providing membership software to SMEs and organisations. The ClearCourse platform provides us with enhanced integrated software opportunities, payment capabilities and strategic and product guidance, allowing us to offer our customers the best software and client service possible.

Visit the ClearCourse website to find out more.