CiviCRM allows organizations to automatically store all data for each contact in one place, creating a unified, holistic record for each constituent.


CiviCRM lets you manage your Membership program and integrate it with other features. Individuals can sign up and pay for their membership online, receive

Case Management

CiviCRM allows organisations to create, manage, and track simple or sophisticated case management workflows and interactions with clients or constituents


CiviEvent provides a full set of tools for running events and recording a constituent's attendance in their activity record.


Process and track contributions, send gift acknowledgements, and report on your data in an elegant and intuitive workflow process.

Email Marketing

CiviCRM makes it easy to create and manage bulk email lists. You can also segment your lists, do A/B testing, and monitor statistics.


CiviReport has over 40 standard reports to help your organization evaluate its impact. Additionally, users can easily configure and save versions of these


CiviCRM empowers donors themselves to raise funds on behalf of your organisation.CiviCRM allows donors to participate in peer-to-peer fundraising and