MillerTech announce The UK Chamber of Shipping as a new client for our CRM

MillerTech chosen as the CRM supplier for The UK Chamber of Shipping

October 2019

MillerTech are very proud to announce a formal partnership with The UK Chamber of Shipping, the trade association and voice of the UK shipping industry.


The UK Chamber is implementing a modern integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to manage its current requirements and support the future direction of the organisation. 

A new CRM will enable The UK Chamber to meet its objectives of:

  • Optimising business efficiency through better workflow and automation that can deliver simplified end to end on-line processes and increase efficiency
  • Developing system-based (rather than manual) business processes, reducing paper, manual intervention, and business risk
  • Providing UK Chamber staff with a single-customer view in terms of making relevant data accessible in one location/view rather than having data dispersed across multiple locations
  • Providing better tools to allow The UK Chamber to communicate and engage with their members in a more efficient and modern way


MillerTech’s proposal of a fully integrated CRM met The UK Chamber’s requirements. MillerTech’s flexible and scalable solution will provide The UK Chamber with improved experience for registrants and consumers. It will also enable to it to achieve full compliance with statutory and regulatory obligations.

MillerTech have an extensive history of implementing CRM solutions over the past 35 years and partnering with similar Not for Profit (NfP) organisations. We are pleased to create a partnership with The UK Chamber and believe that delivering a fully integrated CRM will help the UK Chamber to create the best possible engagement platform for their members, consumers and staff.


The UK Chamber of Shipping is the trade association and voice of the UK shipping industry. They work with Government, parliament, international organisations and others to champion and protect the industry on behalf of their members.

Their mission is to deliver for their members trusted specialist expertise, lobbying and influence at a UK level on maritime issues across national, European and international government and governmental bodies. By combining the strength of members with this expertise they will advance the competitive strength of the industry ensuring that the UK remains as a leader in the global maritime business.

For more information: The UK Chamber of Shipping


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